• Instrumentation equipment are electronic devices used for equipment control and to measure temperature, flow, level and pressure on vessels.


A multimeter or a multi-tester is also known as a VOM (volt-ohm-milliammeter), is an electronic measuring instrument that integrates several measurement tasks in one unit. A particular multimeter can measure voltage, current, and resistance. Multi-meters are two types: analog multimeters and digital multimeter. Contemporary multimeters can measure many values. The most common are: (Voltage, alternating and direct, in volts), Current (alternating and direct, in amperes), Resistance (in ohms), Capacitor (in farads), Frequency (in Hz), Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit).

HART Communicator
HART is an acronym for highway addressable remote transducer, a two-way digital communication interface, and also a protocol. The HART communicator is a secondary MASTER device that enables the technician in the field to monitor the process parameter value and take controllable action if needed. A HART Communicator is used to communicate with the field instruments or devices that are HART Compatible. When you connect your communicator, you can analyze the instruments’ output current, input voltage, and diagnostics. Some HART communicators also show the trend of the output signal from the transmitter. With it, one can also hot-calibrate the instrument in the field with the actual process running and also change the ranges for which it is currently running. HART communicators are ideal for processes that need monitoring or calibration even those instruments are located in a hazardous atmosphere.

Signal Calibrators
mA loop calibrator is a cost-effective, economical and user-friendly calibration tool for measuring and sourcing mA signals in a loop. It is specifically designed for 2-wire transmitter loops such as pressure, flow, temperature, pH with 4 to 20 mA signals. A current loop can also be used to control a valve positioner or other actuator and source, measure, simulate, read all process loop activities.

Thermocouple calibrators
Measurement & Simulation of various types of Thermocouple types like R, S, B, E, K, J, T & N. Selectable Temperature Output Readings in °C or °F.

RTD Calibrator
RTD Calibrator with the capability to Measure & Simulate Resistance & RTD Readings.

Multifunction Process Calibrator
Multi-Function calibrator is available with the capability to Measure & Simulate DC Voltages, DC Current, Frequency, Resistance, and Thermocouples & RTD.

Pressure Calibrators
Pressure calibrators provide a method of generating pressure for calibrating gauges, sensors, transmitters, transducers, and other pressure instruments in the field. The pressure generated by the pump is used as a comparison between the unit under test and a reference gauge of known accuracy.

Hand Pumps
Hydraulic Hand Pump are useful for calibration of pressure transmitters in the field by a technician. By using a Hydraulic pump, one can reach high levels of pressure with little effort. With Vacuum & Pressure pneumatic hand pump, it is possible for fine-tuning of pressure delivered with every stroke.

Decade Resistance Box
It is a type of test equipment that can be used to substitute the interchanging of different values resistances with one variable output. In the resistance box, the variable resistor is fixed inside the box. They are arranged in such a way that the value of resistance varies at every step. The box consists of the rotary selector switch. The variable resistance quantities are obtained by rotating the selector switches. The key plug is also used for selecting the resistances but rotary switches are more suitable. Hence rotary switches are mostly used in the decade resistance boxes. The resistance box contains more than one rotary selector switch. The resistance of each of the selector switches varies from few ohms onwards.