• Caterpillar Inc. is a manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.


Caterpillar, Inc. 


Manufacturer Profile:

Caterpillar Inc. or CAT is a manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. The Company operates through segments, including Construction Industries, which is engaged in supporting customers using machinery in infrastructure, forestry and building construction; Resource Industries, which is engaged in supporting customers using machinery in mining, quarry, waste and material handling applications; Energy & Transportation, which supports customers in oil and gas, power generation, marine, rail and industrial applications, including Cat machines; Financial Products segment, which provides financing and related services, and All Other operating segments, which includes activities, such as product management and development, and manufacturing of filters and fluids, undercarriage, tires and rims, ground engaging tools, fluid transfer products, and sealing and connecting components for Cat products. Caterpillar is the marine industry's leading provider of medium- and high-speed marine diesel engines, generator sets and auxiliary engines and manufactures both the Cat and MaK brands for marine engines. Caterpillar Inc. is an American Fortune 100 corporation and it is the world's largest construction equipment manufacturer.




Articulated trucks, asphalt pavers, backhoe loaders, cold planers, compactors, dozers, draglines, drills, electric rope shovels, excavators, hydraulic mining shovels, material handlers, motor graders, off-highway trucks, pipelayers, road reclaimers, skid steer and compact track loaders, telehandlers, track loaders, underground - hard rock, wheel loaders, wheel tractor - scrapers

Power systems

Electric power, marine power systems, industrial, oil & gas


Adapters, augers, backhoes, bale grabs, bale spears, blades, brooms, brushcutters, buckets - backhoe front, buckets - backhoe rear, buckets - compact wheel loader, buckets - excavator, buckets - loader, buckets mining shovels, buckets - skid steer loader, buckets - telehandler, cold planers, compactors, couplers - backhoe rear, couplers - backhoe excavator, couplers - loaders, flail mowers, forks, generator set control panels, generator set enclosures, generator set fuel tanks, grapples, hammers, material handling, mulchers, multi-processors, pulverizers, rakes, rippers, rotors, saws, shears, silage defacers, snow products, stump grinders, thumbs, tillers, tilt rotate systems, trenchers, water dilevery systems, winches


Airconditioning kits, batteries, belts, cabs (heating & air conditioning, insulation, mirrors), cylinder seals (buffer seals, head seals, head wear rings), drivetrain (differentials, driveshaft, drivetrain), electronics (circuit breakers & fuses, condition monitoring, connectors & terminals), Engine parts (aftercooler components, belts pulley & drive accessories, braking system), filters, fluids, ground engaging tools, hand tools, hardware & fastners, hydraulics, kits upgrade, light & accessories, machine security system (MSS), planned maintenance kits, radios & accessories, seals & o-rings, seats, sensors, tires, undercarriage, work area vision system (WAVS)



Oil & Gas

Gas compression, well service, land drilling & production, offshore drilling & production


Cargo, dredge, ferry & cruise, fishing, goverment, inland waterway, offshore, recreational & yachting, tug & salvage


Surface mining, underground mining


In forest, at mill


Waste Management


Industrial Power


Electric power 



Track-type tractors (bulldozers)

Caterpillar 10, Caterpillar 15, Caterpillar 20, Caterpillar 25, Caterpillar 30, Caterpillar 35, Caterpillar 40, Caterpillar 45, Caterpillar 50, Caterpillar 60, Caterpillar 65, Caterpillar 70

R-series (Petrol)

Caterpillar R2, Caterpillar R4, Caterpillar R6

D-series (Diesel)

Caterpillar D1, Caterpillar D2, Caterpillar D3, D3k2, Caterpillar D4, D4k2, Caterpillar D5, D5k2, Caterpillar D6, D6k2
Caterpillar D6T, Caterpillar D6XE (Next Gen), Caterpillar D7E, Caterpillar D8T, Caterpillar D9, D9T, Caterpillar D10T,D10T2, Caterpillar D11,D11T

Pipelayers - Sidebooms

Caterpillar 594, Caterpillar 591, Caterpillar 589, Caterpillar 587, Caterpillar 587T, Caterpillar 583, Caterpillar 583T, Caterpillar 578, Caterpillar 572, Caterpillar 572RII, Caterpillar 571, Caterpillar 561C (standard shift), Caterpillar 561D (power shift), Caterpillar 561N, Caterpillar PL61, Caterpillar PL72, Caterpillar PL83, Caterpillar PL87


Caterpillar 12G, Caterpillar 12H Global, Caterpillar 12M, Caterpillar 12M2, Caterpillar 12M3, Caterpillar 12M3 AWD
Caterpillar 112, Caterpillar 120/120 AWD (Next Gen), Caterpillar 120G, Caterpillar 120H, Caterpillar 120K, Caterpillar 120M, Caterpillar 120M2, Caterpillar 120M3, Caterpillar 120M3 AWD, Caterpillar 130G, Caterpillar 135H, Caterpillar 140/140 AWD (Next Gen), Caterpillar 140/140 AWD - LVR, Caterpillar 140GC/140GC AWD, Caterpillar 140G, Caterpillar 140H, Caterpillar 140M, Caterpillar 140M2, Caterpillar 140M3, Caterpillar 140M3 AWD, Caterpillar 14 (Next Gen), Caterpillar 14G, Caterpillar 14H Global, Caterpillar 14M, Caterpillar 14M2, Caterpillar 14M3, Caterpillar 14M3 AWD, Caterpillar 150/150 AWD (Next Gen), Caterpillar 16 (Next Gen), Caterpillar 16G, Caterpillar 16H, Caterpillar 16M, Caterpillar 16M2, Caterpillar 16M3, Caterpillar 160/160 AWD, Caterpillar 160G, Caterpillar 160H, Caterpillar 163H, Caterpillar 160M, Caterpillar 160M2, Caterpillar 160M3, Caterpillar 160M3 AWD, Caterpillar 18 (Next Gen), Caterpillar 18M3, Caterpillar 24H, Caterpillar 24M, Caterpillar 24 (Next Gen)

Wheeled Scrapers

Caterpillar DW21, Caterpillar 613C, Caterpillar 623K, Caterpillar 623H, Caterpillar 621K, Caterpillar 627K, Caterpillar 621H, Caterpillar 627H, Caterpillar 627G, Caterpillar 631G, Caterpillar 631K, Caterpillar 637G, Caterpillar 637K, Caterpillar 641B, Caterpillar 657G, Caterpillar 657

Wheel type Tractors

Caterpillar DW10, Caterpillar DW15, Caterpillar DW20, Caterpillar DW2, Caterpillar DW4, Caterpillar DW6

Articulated Track Tractors

Challenger Tractor

Combine harvesters


Mini Excavators

Caterpillar 300.9D, 300.9D VPS, Caterpillar 301.5, Caterpillar 301.7 CR, Caterpillar 301.8, Caterpillar 301D, Caterpillar 302D, Caterpillar 302 CR, Caterpillar 302.7D CR, Caterpillar 303E CR, Caterpillar 303.5E CR, Caterpillar 303.5E2 CR, Caterpillar 304E CR, Caterpillar 304E2 CR, Caterpillar 305E CR, Caterpillar 305E2 CR, Caterpillar 305.5E CR, Caterpillar 305.5E2 CR

Small Excavators

Caterpillar 306 CR, Caterpillar 307.5, Caterpillar 308 CR, CR VAB, Caterpillar 309 CR, CR VAB, Caterpillar 310, Caterpillar 306D, Caterpillar 307E, Caterpillar 308E, Caterpillar 311F (L RR), Caterpillar 312E L, Caterpillar 313, 313 GC, Caterpillar 314E L CR, Caterpillar 315, 315 GC, Caterpillar 316E L, Caterpillar 316F L, Caterpillar 317, 317 GC, Caterpillar 318E L, Caterpillar 318F L

Medium Excavators

Caterpillar 320, 320 GC, Caterpillar 320E L, Caterpillar 320E L RR, Caterpillar 321D L CR, Caterpillar 323, Caterpillar 323E L, Caterpillar 324E L, Caterpillar 325, Caterpillar 326, Caterpillar 328D L CR, Caterpillar 329E, Caterpillar 330, 330 GC, Caterpillar 335, Caterpillar 335F L, Caterpillar 336E L, Caterpillar 336E H, Caterpillar 336F H

Large Excavators

Caterpillar 336, 336 GC, Caterpillar 349, 349E, 349F, Caterpillar 352, Caterpillar 352F, Caterpillar 374, Caterpillar 374F L, Caterpillar 385C, Caterpillar 390F L, Caterpillar 395

Ultra-High Demolition Excavators

Caterpillar 340 Straight Boom, Caterpillar 330D UHD, Caterpillar 340F UHD, Caterpillar 345D UHD, Caterpillar 352 UHD, Caterpillar 365D UHD, Caterpillar 385D UHD, Caterpillar 390D UHD

Long Reach Excavators

Caterpillar 340 Long Boom, Caterpillar 352F LRE, Caterpillar 352 LRE

Wheel Excavators

Caterpillar M314, Caterpillar M315F, Caterpillar M316F, Caterpillar M316, Caterpillar M317F, Caterpillar M318, Caterpillar M318F, Caterpillar M319, Caterpillar M320F, Caterpillar M320, Caterpillar M322F

Extra-Large Mining Excavators

Caterpillar 6015B, Caterpillar 6018B, Caterpillar 6020B, Caterpillar 6020/6020FS, Caterpillar 6030B, Caterpillar 6030 AC, Caterpillar 6030/6030FS, Caterpillar 6040/6040FS, Caterpillar 6050/6050FS, Caterpillar 6060/6060FS, Caterpillar 6060 AC, Caterpillar 6090FS

Backhoe Loaders

Caterpillar 415/415 IL, Caterpillar 415F2/415F2 IL, Caterpillar 416, 416F2, Caterpillar 420, Caterpillar 420F2/420F2 IT, Caterpillar 420XE, Caterpillar 426/426 Series II, Caterpillar 428F2, Caterpillar 430, Caterpillar, 430F2/420F2 IT, Caterpillar 432F2, Caterpillar 450

Skid steer, wheeled

Caterpillar 226D3, Caterpillar 232D3, Caterpillar 236D3, Caterpillar 242D3, Caterpillar 246D3, Caterpillar 262D3, Caterpillar 272D3, Caterpillar 272D3 XE

Skid steer, tracked

Caterpillar 239D3, Caterpillar 249D3, Caterpillar 259D3, Caterpillar 279D3, Caterpillar 289D3, Caterpillar 299D3, Caterpillar 299D3 XE, Caterpillar 299D3 XE Land Management

Feller bunchers & Harvesters, tracked

Caterpillar 511/521/522/532, Caterpillar 521B/522B, Caterpillar 541/551/552

Feller buncher, wheeled

Caterpillar 533/543, Caterpillar 573, Caterpillar 586C Site Prep Tractor

Skidder, wheeled

Caterpillar 515, Caterpillar 518, Caterpillar 525D, Caterpillar 528, Caterpillar 530B, Caterpillar 535,535B,535C,535D, Caterpillar 545,545B,545C,545D, Caterpillar 555D

Skidder, tracked

Caterpillar 517, Caterpillar 527

Harvester, wheeled

Caterpillar 550, Caterpillar 570, Caterpillar 580

Forwarder, wheeled

Caterpillar 534, Caterpillar 544, Caterpillar 554, Caterpillar 564, Caterpillar 574, Caterpillar 584

Forest Machines

Caterpillar 538, Caterpillar 548, Caterpillar 558, Caterpillar 568

Knuckleboom Loader

Caterpillar 519, 529, 539, 559, 559B, 569, 579

Material handler

Caterpillar MH3022, Caterpillar MH3024, Caterpillar MH3026, Caterpillar MH3040, Caterpillar MH3250, Caterpillar MH3260

Track Loaders

Caterpillar 931, Caterpillar 933, Caterpillar 935, Caterpillar 939, Caterpillar 943, Caterpillar 951, Caterpillar 953, 953K, Caterpillar 955, Caterpillar 963, Caterpillar 973, 973K, Caterpillar 977, Caterpillar 983

Wheel Loaders

Caterpillar 903D, Caterpillar 906M, Caterpillar 907M, Caterpillar 908M, Caterpillar 910, Caterpillar 910M, Caterpillar 914, Caterpillar 914M, Caterpillar 918M, Caterpillar 920, Caterpillar 924G, Caterpillar 926, Caterpillar 926M, Caterpillar 930, Caterpillar 930M, Caterpillar 938, Caterpillar 938M, Caterpillar IT38, Caterpillar 950, Caterpillar 950M, Caterpillar 950 GC, Caterpillar 962, Caterpillar 962M, Caterpillar IT62, Caterpillar 966, 966M, Caterpillar 966M XE, Caterpillar 972, 972M, Caterpillar 980, 980M, Caterpillar 982, 982M, Caterpillar 986, 986K, Caterpillar 988, 988K, Caterpillar 988K XE, Caterpillar 990, 990K, Caterpillar 992, 992K, Caterpillar 993K, Caterpillar 994, 994K, Caterpillar R1300, R1300G, Caterpillar R1600, R1600G, R1600H, Caterpillar R1700, R1700G, Caterpillar R2900, R2900G, Caterpillar R3000H

Articulated Dump truck (ADT)

Caterpillar 725, 725C, 725C2, Caterpillar 730, 730C, 730C2, 730EJ, Caterpillar 735, 735B, 735C, Caterpillar 740, 740B, 740C, Caterpillar 740EJ, 740B Ejector, 740C EJ, Caterpillar 740GC, Caterpillar 745C, 745C Water Tank, Caterpillar AD22, Caterpillar AD30, Caterpillar AD45, AD45B, Caterpillar AD60, Caterpillar AD63

Rigid Dump Trucks

Caterpillar 769, 796B, Caterpillar 769C, 796D, Caterpillar 770G, Caterpillar 771C, 771D, Caterpillar 772, 772G
Caterpillar 773, Caterpillar 773B, 773D, 773E, Caterpillar 773F, 773G, Caterpillar 775B, 775D, 775E, Caterpillar 775F, 775G, Caterpillar 777, Caterpillar 779, 783 (electric), Caterpillar 785, 785B, 785C, 785D, 785 (Next Gen), Caterpillar 789, Caterpillar 793, 793B, 793C, 793D, 793F, Caterpillar 794 AC, Caterpillar 795F AC, Caterpillar 796 AC, Caterpillar 797, Caterpillar 797B, Caterpillar 797F, Caterpillar 798 AC

Haul Truck - semi trailer

Caterpillar 768C, Caterpillar 772B, Caterpillar 776, 776B, 776C, 776D, Caterpillar 784B, 784C, Caterpillar 786 (prototype)


Caterpillar CB14, Caterpillar CB1.7, Caterpillar CB1.8, Caterpillar CB22B, Caterpillar CB24, CB24B, CB24BXT, CC24B
Caterpillar CB2.7/CC2.7, Caterpillar CB2.9, Caterpillar CB32B, Caterpillar CB34B/CC34B, Caterpillar CB36B, Caterpillar CB7, Caterpillar CB8, Caterpillar CB10, Caterpillar CB13, Caterpillar CB15, Caterpillar CB16, Caterpillar CB54XW, Caterpillar CB64, Caterpillar CB-114, Caterpillar CB-224, Caterpillar CB-334, Caterpillar CB-434, Caterpillar CB-534, Caterpillar CB-544, Caterpillar CB-564, Caterpillar CB-634, Caterpillar CD8, Caterpillar CD10, Caterpillar CCS7, Caterpillar CCS9, Caterpillar CS10GC, Caterpillar CS11GC/CP11GC, Caterpillar CS12GC/CP12GC, Caterpillar CS34/CP34, Caterpillar CS44B/CP44B, Caterpillar CS54B/CP54B, Caterpillar CS56/CP56, CS56B/CP56B, Caterpillar CS68B/CP68B, Caterpillar CS76/CP76/CS76XT, Caterpillar CS78, Caterpillar CS-323, Caterpillar CS-433, Caterpillar CS-531, Caterpillar CS-533/CP-533, Caterpillar CS-533E, Caterpillar CS-563/CP-563, Caterpillar CS-583, Caterpillar CW34, Caterpillar CW16 (9 or 11 wheel)

Wheel Dozer/Soil/Landfill Compactors

Caterpillar 814/815/816, Caterpillar 814K/815K/816K, Caterpillar 824K, Caterpillar 825K/826K, Caterpillar 834K/836K, Caterpillar 844K, Caterpillar 854G,854K

Asphalt Pavers - tracked

Caterpillar AP335F, Caterpillar AP555F, Caterpillar AP655F, Caterpillar AP1055F

Asphalt Pavers - wheeled

Caterpillar AP300F, Caterpillar AP500F, Caterpillar AP600F, Caterpillar AP1000F

Asphalt Pavers - Screed

Caterpillar SE50 V, SE50 VT, Caterpillar SE60 V, SE60 V XW, SE60 VT XW

Cold Planers

Caterpillar PM310 (track, wheel), Caterpillar PM312 (track, wheel), Caterpillar PM313 (track, wheel), Caterpillar PM-565, Caterpillar PM620, Caterpillar PM622, Caterpillar PM820, Caterpillar PM822, Caterpillar PM825

Road Reclaimers

Caterpillar RM400, Caterpillar RM400B, On-road trucksCat CT660, DraglinesCaterpillar 8000, Caterpillar 8200, Caterpillar 8750

Rope Shovels

Caterpillar 7495, Caterpillar 7495 HF, Caterpillar 7495 HD, Caterpillar 7395, Caterpillar 7295

Bucket Wheel Excavator

Caterpillar 7495BWE


Caterpillar MD6200, Caterpillar MD6240, Caterpillar MD6250, Caterpillar MD6290, Caterpillar MD6310, Caterpillar MD6420, Caterpillar MD6540, Caterpillar MD6640, Caterpillar MD5150, Caterpillar MD5050, Caterpillar MD5075, Caterpillar, MD5090, Caterpillar MD5125


Caterpillar TH255C, Caterpillar TH357D, Caterpillar TH408D, Caterpillar TH514D, Caterpillar TH560B, Caterpillar TH580B, Caterpillar TH3510D, Caterpillar TL642D, Caterpillar TL943D, Caterpillar TL1055D, Caterpillar TL1255D


CAT EC15N,EC18N; EC18LN, CAT EC23N,EC25N,EC25EN, CAT EC25LN,EC30N, EC30LN, CAT 2ET2500,2ETC3000,2ET3000, CAT 2ETC3500,2ET3500,2ET4000, CAT EPC3000, EP3000, CAT EPC3500, EP3500,EP4000, CAT 2EPC5000,2EP5000,2EPC6000,2EP6000,2EP6500, CAT 2EPC7000, 2EPC8000, 2EP8000, CAT 2EP8500,2EPC9000,2EP9000, 2EP10000,2EP11000, CAT 2C3000, 2C3500, CAT 2CC4000, CAT 2C4000, 2C5000, CAT 2C5500, 2C6000, 2C6500, CAT 2C7000, 2C8000, CAT GC35K, GC40K, GC40K STR, GC45K, GC45K STR, CAT GC55K,GC55K STR, CAT GC60K, GC70K, GC70K STR, CAT GP15N, GP18N,GP20CN, CAT GP20N, DP20N, GP25N,DP25N, CAT GP28N, DP28N, GP30N, DP30N, GP33N, DP33N, CAT GP35N, DP35N, CAT GP40N, DP40N, CAT GP45N, DP45N, GP50CND, P50CN, GP50N, DP50N, GP55N, DP55N, CAT DP70N1

Utility vehicles

Caterpillar CUV82, Caterpillar CUV85, Caterpillar CUV102D, Caterpillar CUV105D


Our Locations:

We supply Caterpillar equipment, spare parts and services all over the world including the locations mentioned below


In the Americas, our featured locations include Los Angeles, USA, New York, USA, Vanncouver, Canada, Manzanello, Mexico, Santos, Brazil, Cartagena, Columbia, Colon, Panama, Callao, Peru, Buenos Aires, Argentina, San Antonio, Chile.

Europe, Middle East and Africa:

In Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), we have presence in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Antwerp, Belgium, Hamburg, Germany, Piraeus, Greece, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Port Said, Egypt, Durban, South Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, Karachi, Pakistan.


In Asia we provide coverage in Singapore, Singapore, Shanghai, China, Hong Kong, China, Tokyo, Japan, Busan, South Korea, Klang, Malaysia, Laem Chabang, Thaliand, Jakarta, Indonesia, Saigon, Vietnam, Mumbai, India


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