• Sulzer AG is a Switzerland-based company engaged in pumping solutions and rotating equipment maintenance, as well as separation, reaction and mixing technology for the oil and gas, power generation and wastewater treatment industries.




Manufacturer Profile:

Sulzer AG is a Switzerland-based company engaged in pumping solutions and rotating equipment maintenance, as well as separation, reaction and mixing technology for the oil and gas, power generation and wastewater treatment industries. The Company operates four business divisions: the Pumps Equipment division offers a wide range of pumping solutions and related equipment, including centrifugal pumps and agitators for the oil and gas industry, among others; the Rotating Equipment Services division offers repair and maintenance services for industrial gas and steam turbines, turbocompressors, generators, motors and pumps; the Chemtech division offers products and services for separation, reaction, liquid application and mixing technology, and the Applicator Systems division offers dispenser systems and liquid application systems for the dental, healthcare and beauty markets, among others. The Company operates numerous subsidiaries.



Agitators, mixers and heat exchangers - Agitators, dynamic mixers, static mixers, submersive mixers
Tower management systems - SALOMIX TES Top Entry Spreader, SALOMIX GLI, SALOMIX VULCA
Compressors and aeration - HST turbocompressor, HSR turbocompressor, OKI aerator mixer, Submersible aerator type ABS XTA XTAK, Aerator type ABS Venturi jet, Disc duffuser system type ABS
Medium-consistency products - MCE medium consistency pumping systems, LCE medium consistency pumping system, KCE medium consistency pumping system, SX chemical mixer, MC discharge scraper, MC discharger
Process plants - Complete process plants, Distillation & absorption, Hybrid processes, Liquid-liquid extraction, Polymer production technology, Process & application development, Reaction technology, Upstream business, Industrial waste water treatment technologies
Pumps - Axial flow pumps, Axially split pumps, Dewatering pumps, Progressing cavity pumps, Radial split pumps, Ring section pumps, Single stage pumps, Slurry pumps, Submersible pumps, Two stage pumps
Control and monitoring equipment - Control and monitoring software solutions, Measuring devices, Pump control panels, Pump controllers, Pump monitoring and control accessories
Separation technology - Structured packings, Random packings, Column internals, Trays, Feed inlet devices, Separators, Coalescers, Crystallization, Complete process plants
Process plants - Complete process plants, Distillation and absorption technology, Evaporation technology, Hybrid processes, Liquid-liquid extraction technology, Polymer production technology, Reaction technology, Process and application development, Upstream system business, Refining, Industrial wastewater treatment technologies
Polymer production technology - Polymer production, Heat exchanger SMR, Multitube heat exchanger SMXL, Polymer reaction technology, Devolatilization technology, Upgrading technology
Lifting stations - Lifting stations for toilet wastewater, Lifting stations without toilet wastewater
Pump and lifting station accessories - Check valves type ABS, Plug-in alarm type ABS, Ejector for pump,  Thermosiphon SP8 seal pot system
Solids reduction, separation and removal systems - Channel Monster open channel grinders, Muffin Monster inline/open channel grinders
Screening, sedimentation and filtration solutions


Bio-based, recycling and carbon capture - Bio-based applications, Biopolymers, Polymer recycling, Carbon capture, utilization and storage
Construction (building and civil engineering) - Dewatering in construction, Dewatering in tunneling
Fertilizers - Ammonia and urea fertilizers, Phosphate fertilizers, Potash fertilizers, NPK fertilizers, Waters in fertilizers complexes
Food and beverages- Sugar, starch and sweeteners, Dairy and chocolate, Flavors and fragrances, Freeze concentration
Metals - Copper processing, Carbon steel, Zinc processing, Nickel processing, Precious metal processing, Alumina and aluminum processing , Industrial water treatment,
Mining - Ore separation, Electrowinning, Water transfer, Mine water management 
Oil, gas and chemicals - FPSO, Oil & Gas production, Oil sand, Shale & coal seam gas, Subsea, Gas processing, Liquified natural gas (LNG), Pipeline, Air separation, Biofuels, Bioplastics, Petrochemicals, Refining 
Polymer - Polystyrene (PS), Expandable polystyrene (EPS), Polylactic acid (PLA), Polymer melt cooler, Polymer recycling, Extrusion based expanded polypropylene (ePP), XPET Foam extrusion technology
Power generation - Carbon capture, utilization and storage, Fossil, Nuclear power generation, Renewables
Pulp, paper and board - Wood yard, Chemical pulp fiber line, Chemical recovery, Pulp drying machine, Mechanical pulp line, Recycled fiber line, Paper and board machine systems, Coating and finishing, Chemicals for pulp, paper and board, Water supply, Industrial water and effluent treatment, Power plant
Transportation (automotive, marine, rail, air) - Rotating equipment services, process plants, pumps, pump services, separation technology
Water and wastewater - Desalination, Water intake, transportation and irrigation, Municipal clean water, Flood control, Industrial water treatment, Domestic and commercial wastewater, Municipal wastewater, Dewatering


MCE pumping systems, LCE pumping systems, KCE pumping systems, SX chemical mixer, MC discharge scraper, Vertical MC discharger, MC discharger, HST turbocompressor, HSR turbocompressor, Submersible OKI aerator mixer, OKI aerator mixer, Submersible aerator type ABS XTA XTAK, Venturi Jet Cad, Aerator type ABS Venturi jet, Disc Diffuser System Type ABS Nopon, Disc diffuser system type ABS, Control panel type ABS CP 114, Control panels type ABS CP 112 and 212, Control panels type ABS CP 116 and CP 216, Axial flow pumps, Axially split pumps, Dewatering pumps, Firewater pumps, Multiphase pump, Progressing cavity pumps, Barrel casing pumps, Radial split pumps, Ring section pumps, AHLSTAR APP/T range long coupled process pumps, Single stage pumps, Heavy duty slurry pumps type Ensival Moret EMW, Slurry pumps, Submersible pumps, Two-stage centrifugal pumps, Two stage pumps, Liquid ring vacuum pump type, Ensival Moret VRN, Vacuum pumps, Vertical sump pump, Vertical pumps, Lube oil systems, HiPer separators, KnitMesh wire mesh mist eliminators, KnitMesh V-MISTER , High-performance KnitMesh 9797 mist eliminator, KnitMesh, XCOAT mist eliminator for corrosive media coated with PTFE, Sulzer KnitMesh XCOAT mist eliminator, Mellachevron Plastic Mist Eliminator, Shell VersiSwirl , MKS Multi Cassette


Our Locations:

We supply Cummins equipment, spare parts and services all over the world including the locations mentioned below


In the Americas, our featured locations include Los Angeles, USA, New York, USA, Vanncouver, Canada, Manzanello, Mexico, Santos, Brazil, Cartagena, Columbia, Colon, Panama, Callao, Peru, Buenos Aires, Argentina, San Antonio, Chile.

Europe, Middle East and Africa:

In Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), we have presence in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Antwerp, Belgium, Hamburg, Germany, Piraeus, Greece, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Port Said, Egypt, Durban, South Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, Karachi, Pakistan.


In Asia we provide coverage in Singapore, Singapore, Shanghai, China, Hong Kong, China, Tokyo, Japan, Busan, South Korea, Klang, Malaysia, Laem Chabang, Thaliand, Jakarta, Indonesia, Saigon, Vietnam, Mumbai, India


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