• Yanmar Co., Ltd. is a Japanese diesel engine manufacturer. Yanmar manufactures and sells engines used in a wide range of applications, including seagoing vessels, pleasure boats, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and generator sets.




Manufacturer Profile:

Yanmar Co., Ltd. is a Japanese diesel engine manufacturer. Yanmar manufactures and sells engines used in a wide range of applications, including seagoing vessels, pleasure boats, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and generator sets. Yanmar’s business extends across five broad sectors - agriculture, energy systems, industrial, construction and marine. It also manufactures and sells climate control systems, aquafarming systems, in addition to providing a range of remote monitoring services. Yanmar also supplies engines to John Deere tractors and for some Thermo King Corporation coolers used in refrigerated trucks and trailers. Within the last 20 years, Yanmar has also established a growing presence in the domestic UAV market in Japan and elsewhere, with small helicopter UAVs primarily used in agricultural spraying and other forms of aerial application. Yanmar is headquartered in Japan with regional headquarters in U.S.A. (The Americas), Netherlands (EMEA) and Singapore (Asia-Pacific). Yanmar also has presence in multiple countries through sales offices, R&D centers and production facilities including Norway, Sweden, France, Italy Spain, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Australia and Myanmar.



Agriculture - Tractors, Combine Harvesters, Rice Transplanter, Tillers

Marine - Propulsion Engines (high speed, medium speed), Dual Fuel Engine, Auxilary Engines, Electric Propulsion System, SCR System, Two-Stage Turbocharging System,Recreational boat, Premium cruiser

Energy Systems - Gas-Engine Heat Pump, Cogeneration Systems, Large generators

Construction Machinery - Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Carriers

Industrial Engine - Vertical Water-cooled Diesel Engines, Vertical Water-cooled Gas Engines, Air-cooled Diesel Engines, Horizontal Water-cooled Diesel Engines, High-power Diesel Engines, Gas Engines for Off-road

Power Products - Diesel Generators over 500kw



Land - Agriculture 

Sea - Marine 

City - Energy Systems, Construction Machinery, Industrial Engine, Power Products




Model Rating Max Output
kW(mhp) $$/min-1
Marine gear model
4CHE3 M 57.4 (78)*/2550 Bobtail
6CHE3 M 84.6 (115)*/2550 Bobtail
6CH-HTE3 M 125 (170)*/2550 Bobtail
6CH-WUTE M 188 (255)*/2550 Bobtail
6LY2M-WDT L 243 (330) /3200 Bobtail
6LY2M-WST L 277 (377) /3200 Bobtail
6CXBM-GT H 265 (360) /2400 Bobtail
M 294 (400) /2500 YX-75
L 341 (464) /2700 YXH-130
S 374 (509) /2700 -
6HA2M-WHT H 204 (278) /1880 Bobtail
M 257 (350) /1950 YX-120
6HA2M-WDT M 298 (405) /1950 Bobtail
6HYM-WET H 368 (500) /1950 Bobtail
M 441 (600) /2100 YX-160
L 478 (650) /2150 YX-161L
S 515 (700) /2200 -
6AYM-WST H 485 (659) /1900 Bobtail
6AYAM-ET Continuous 555 (755) /1900 Bobtail
6AYM-WET H 555 (755) /1840 Bobtail
M 610 (829) /1900 YXH240
6AYM-WGT L 670 (911) /1938 Bobtail
12AYM-WST H 882 (1200) /1850 Bobtail
H 1030 (1400) /1900
12AYM-WET H 1140 (1550) /1840 Bobtail
M 1220 (1659) /1900
12AYM-WGT L 1340 (1822) /1940 Bobtail


Yanmar GM Series 2GMY, YM Series 3YM27A, JH Series 3JH25A, 3JH30A, 4JHYE, CHE Series 4CHE3, 6CHE3, 6CH-HTE3, 6CH-WUTE, 6CH-WDTE, HA Series 6HA2M-WHT, 6HA2M-WDT, LY Series 6LYM2-WDT, 6LYM2-WST, CXB Series 6CXBM-GT, HY Series 6HYM-WET, AY Series 6AYAM-ET, 6AYM-WST, 6AYM-WET, 6AYM-WGT, 12AYM-WST, 12AYM-WET, 12AYM-WGT, AYE Series 6AYEM-ET, 6AYEM-GT, 6AYEM-ST, 6EY17W, 6EY22AW, 6EY26W, 8EY26W, 6EY33W, 8EY33W, 6N165LW, 6NY16LW, 6EY18(A)LW, 6EY21ALW, 6EY22(A)LW, 6EY26LW, 8EY26LW, 6EY33LW, 8EY33LW, JHL Series, 3JHLP, 4JHL-N, 4JHL-TN, 4JHL-HTN, CHL Series 4CHL-N, 4CHL-TN, 4CHL-TNA, 6CHL-N, 6CHL-TN, 6CHL-TNA, 6CHL-HTN, 6CHL-HTNA, HAL Series 4HAL2-TN1, 4HAL2-TN, 4HAL2-WT, 6HAL2-N, 6HAL2-TN, 6HAL2-WT, 6HAL2-WHT, 6HAL2-WDT, AYL Series 6AYL-WST, 6AYL-WET, EY26 Series, EY35 Series, Electric Propulsion Systems, 2-stage turbocharging system, SCR system, SENSUI-KUN Markā…¢ NCL-SE3, NCL-LX


Our Locations:

We supply Yanmar equipment, spare parts and services all over the world including the locations mentioned below


In the Americas, our featured locations include Los Angeles, USA, New York, USA, Vanncouver, Canada, Manzanello, Mexico, Santos, Brazil, Cartagena, Columbia, Colon, Panama, Callao, Peru, Buenos Aires, Argentina, San Antonio, Chile.

Europe, Middle East and Africa:

In Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), we have presence in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Antwerp, Belgium, Hamburg, Germany, Piraeus, Greece, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Port Said, Egypt, Durban, South Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, Karachi, Pakistan.


In Asia we provide coverage in Singapore, Singapore, Shanghai, China, Hong Kong, China, Tokyo, Japan, Busan, South Korea, Klang, Malaysia, Laem Chabang, Thaliand, Jakarta, Indonesia, Saigon, Vietnam, Mumbai, India


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